The Unique Art Gallery – Stara Zagora

Established in 1908 the Art Gallery of Stara Zagora is accommodated in one of the most emblematic buildings – the city market hall. The solid structure was built in the 30s of 20th century. Initially, the city fire station was placed there. It was one of the tallest buildings at that time and it was easy to see if there is a fire somewhere. Nowadays, the huge bright spaces and separated studios change it into one of the best galleries of fine arts. Art Gallery houses more than 4600 works of art – painting, black and white drawing, sculpture, icons, revival engravings and foreign arts. In its permanent exhibition you can see the works of the great Bulgarian artists: Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora, Dechko Uzunov, Dimitar Gyudzhenov and many others. There is a rich collection of works of almost all Bulgarian artists from the last two centuries. In a single hall  there are arranged a church plate from 17th – 19th century and icons from Tryavna, Samokov, Debar and South-Bulgarian Art Schools from 16th to 19th century as well as works of famous artists from the 60s of 19th century.
Traditionally on Saturdays in the Art Gallery of Stara Zagora chamber music concerts are arranged. For the Day of Stara Zagora, on 5th October, the Art Gallery organizes an autumn exhibition room of Stara Zagora artists. 

Guide-book: Take Han Asparuh Street from Park Hotel Stara Zagora on the west. Turn south at Ruski Boulevard. The building of Art Gallery is about 100 metres after the first traffic lights. There is a convenient car park.