The richest Prehistoric finding in Europe Karanovska Mound

Over the area of more than 25daa close to the village of Karanovo, Sliven municipality there is the biggest burial mound in Europe. Under its surface there are preserved 7 cultural layers and that makes it an archaeological discovery of world significance. 
The Karanovska Mound is the clearest evidence that our lands were inhabited by the brightest of European prehistoric civilizations. The excavations and cultural layers reveal that the mound was inhabited for 4 millenniums. Today the Karanovska chronological system is used for synchronization of European prehistoric cultures. Many problems relevant to the division of periods during the New Stone Age, Copper and Bronze ages are being solved. 
In the beginning of the century there was found the biggest European house from the Early Bronze Age (3000 years BC). It has three premises with total area of 216 sq. m. The inscription over the clay tablets that was found there appears to be the oldest writing in Europe.
In 2008 here was found a tomb from 1st century with a rich funeral of a Thracian aristocrat. The excavations works revealed a well preserved Thracian car with four wheels decorated with silver and golden ornaments. All findings in the mound give an opportunity to investigate the whole funeral rites of Thracians. On the place of the mound there are presented replicas of 72 artifacts. 

Guide-book: Go south from Park Hotel Stara Zagora down Ivan Vazov Street. When you reach the eastern exit of the city go towards Bourgas. About 20 km further, at the road exit, turn toward village of Karanovo. The Karanovska Mound is immediately after the village.