Eski Dzhamiya (Eski Mosque) Museum of Religions

In the very centre of Stara Zagora, east from 5th October Park, there is Eski Mosque – the only one that remained after the city of Stara Zagora had been fired during the Russian-Turkish Liberation War. It was declared an architectural monument of culture and the mural paintings – an art monument of culture with national significance. According to the building inscription the building of the mosque was finished in the end of 1409. The building itself presents a square prayer hall and an antechamber from north. It was formed with a little central premise opposite the entrance to the prayer hall and two side chambers. The prayer hall represents a premise with an entrance from north with a gallery added to the north wall of the building. 
In 2001 are conducted archeological excavations in the prayer hall and foundations of medieval Christian church were found. It was built about the second half of 11th century and the beginning of 12th century. The church had been destroyed right before the building of the mosque, probably in the beginning of 15th century. 
Under the floor of the church was found an ancient tomb from the south necropolis of Augusta Trayana. Research shows that before the medieval church at that place there had been a Thracian sanctuary. 

Guide-book: Take Han Asparuh Street from Park Hotel Stara Zagora on the west. Turn south at Ruski Boulevard. The museum is about 300m down the road after the first traffic lights, east from the Central Department Store.